Born & educated in London, England. Sandra Holiday has been a resident of the USA since 1974.
Trained as a Professional Championship Ballroom & Latin American dancer, Sandra taught dance in London for 10 years as well as performing with her dance partner Geoffrey Clapham on cruise ships based in New York. After returning to London, her career brought her back to the USA where she continued teaching.

In 1985 while living in South Florida she partnered with Anita Priest both personally & professionally.
For 23 years Sandra was the project manager for the Anita Priest Interior Design Co. and the Administrator for her successful school for Interior Decoration & Design.

Sandra established the ANITA PRIEST “Whispering Angels” Memorial Scholarship Foundation, a legacy scholarship in memory & honor of her.
Anita’s mission in life was to help people, as she had overcome so much in her life.

Sandra has a dream that one day she will be able to help more members of the LGBT community continue and to advance their dreams in the Design & Arts fields.
The possibilities are endless.

All we need is support.


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